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The Truth Value Project


The Truth Value Project assigns a reputation to news articles depending on how closely they are associated with people spreading fake news on social media.

Every day, the TVP servers gather information about a million or so new instances of news being shared on social media. The algorithm then considers all sharings (recent and older), and it computes the reputation of the news involved. It starts by assigning high reputation to news from peer-reviewed scientific journals and some news agencies, and low reputation to articles from self-declared fake news sites. The reputation then propagates to other articles according to who is spreading them. User votes (including your votes) also contribute to the reputation.

Low-reputation news articles should be met with skepticism, and we provide links that let you compare their content with other sources of news on the same topic.

We require people to login to search for arbitrary URLs to prevent abuse by automated bots. If you are interested in an API for our service, please contact info@truthvalue.org.

TVP Bookmarklet

This bookmarklet enables you enquire and vote on the reputation of news as you are reading them, right in your browser.

To use it, drag and drop it into your bookmarks bar as shown in the animated gif. Then, when you are visiting any page, click on the bookmarklet. After logging in, you will be able to check the page reputation and vote on it.

@isithoax: our Twitter Bot

You can ask whether a news at http://www.example.com is true or false by tweeting:

@isithoax http://www.example.com
And you can vote on the news being true (and similarly for false) by tweeting:
@isithoax http://www.example.com true

AskPinocchio: our Facebook Bot

AskPinocchio is a Facebook Bot. You can ask him if it thinks a Facebook post is a Hoax. It will soon be available to the public. Meanwhile you can visit its very own Facebook page below.

Ask pinocchio

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The Project

The Truth Value Project is a project that has as goals to help restore a sense of confidence in the news and information that is circulated in our society. Fake news and mis-information erode the core values of democracy, mutual respect, and freedom of a society. The project goals are:

Provide services that inform users across the world of whether particular news items (such as articles published in websites or Facebook posts) are likely to be truthful, or should be checked with care.

Provide services that foster debate on the truth or reliability of news items, including Wikipedia news.

Provide the means for people to compare opinions and points of view, and perhaps reach a shared understanding.

Develop the algorithms, mathematical insights, machine-learning techniques, and research into computer science and human behavior to enable the above concrete goals.